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Our energy services

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Solar powered. Nature inspired. We are a community of mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors who seek to make the places we live the way they should be — 100% energy independent.

For home


For business

Rises early.

Saves daily.

Solar power your home, your way, for less.

Our solar services

Carbon Recall solar

Rooftop Solar

Power your home with the sun
SmartFlower Solar.jpg

Smartflower® Solar

Your all-in-one solar system
Carbon Recall_solar water heating.jpg

Solar Water Heating

Cut your water bill by 50%

Whole home energy efficiency

A short film about one homeowners choice to reduce their carbon footprint and the rewards found on the other side.

Our energy efficiency services

Carbon Recall_led.jpg

LED Lighting

Same light. Longer life
carbon recall_ev charging_02.jpg

EV Charging

Charge your car faster at home

Home Batteries

Never lose electricity again
Carbon Recall backup power_03.jpg

Backup Generator

Protect what matters most

Geothermal HVAC

Savings you can feel
Carbon Recall_tankless water heating.jpg

Tankless Heating

Live cleaner and healthier

Let's turn your home into a total powerhouse.

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