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Agriculture solar solutions

Harvest the sun to cut your energy costs

1.8 Trillion
BTU of energy was consumed in the agriculture industry in 2016
1 hour
of sunlight could meet world energy demands for an entire year
For farmers, growers, nurseries, and agricultural businesses alike, solar is a solid financial decision that’s a proven and cost-effective way to power your daily operations at a fraction of the cost.
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Better for the next generation
Solar can increase the value of your property for agriculture in the future.
Convert possible to profitable
Trim your electric bills and boost profit margins by converting sunlight into energy.
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Get predictable monthly savings
Reinvest your energy savings to grow your business faster.

Get a system tailored to your property

Rooftop, canopies or ground mounts, we have solutions to fit your business.
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Rooftop solar
Maximize energy production on farm buildings, dairy facilities, livestock shelters or any unshaded rooftop.
Solar canopy
Bring shade (and clean energy) to your property.
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carbon recall_ground mount solar.jpg
Ground mounted solar
Get long-term savings across a spectrum of design possibilities.

Why go solar with us?

Carbon Recall® Tupelo is the leading solar, battery storage, and clean energy service provider in Mississippi and we have the experience you need to get the job done — the right way.
Family owned and operated
We’re not just a business, we’re part of our Mississippi community: and you come first in everything we do.
Work with an expert team
Our trained and certified team of local renewable energy experts are ready to serve all of your energy needs.
Save now, pay later
With financing options to meet your needs, we’ll help you leverage incentives and tax credit programs to maximize savings.

Go beyond solar

We deliver a fully integrated energy solution with everything you need to get your energy expenses as low as possible. Compared to a solar-only solution, we deliver greater energy savings, lower average project cost, and long-term financial value.
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