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Discover clean, safe, and reliable backup power.

Looking to maximize your solar power? Avoid power outages? Maybe you just want to upgrade that dusty gas-powered generator in the garage. Whatever your reason might be, we can help power your property with reliable home battery solutions.

Never worry about losing electricity.

Don't let a power outage stop movie night, but most importantly, provide your family peace of mind in the event of a blackout. Secure your home’s power supply with an energy storage system and keep your Wi-Fi, lights, and productivity running.

Certified. Licensed.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our trusted Tupelo network of hand-selected contractors delivers the only complete clean energy home service. Providing professional, certified, and licensed energy storage installations so you can rest easy knowing the job was done right. How’s that for peace of mind?

Power all day with solar + energy storage.

Most homes use more energy in the mornings and evenings rather than midday - when solar power is at its best. A home battery affords you the opportunity to use all of the solar energy you generated when you need it.

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